The Women Behind the Brand

Meet Co-Founders Lauren and Kerrie

Pod Organics was 'inspired by nature and made with love' and has been a lifelong journey to find natural products that would nourish and nurture the most precious and sensitive skin while still providing me with the luxury we love.

Mother and daughter Duo, Kerrie & Lauren collectively share 25+ years experience in skincare, cosmetics and wellness. The brand was ignited by a passion to make a difference in both the lives of others and for the environment.

Pod Organics is the culmination of a life's quest, which spans two generations to find a natural solution that would soothe, calm and treat sensitive skin conditions.

"Throughout my life, I have experienced several skin and health conditions and now my little ones have developed similar skin concerns. As a mum I understand how important it is to know what you are putting in and on you and your baby." - Lauren

We wanted to create a range of products that were luxury for Mum, safe for baby, suitable for the whole family.

Working with award winning formulators, innovators and manufacturers we have developed products that tick all the boxes for new mums; safe, non-toxic, organic, luxury, multi-purpose and affordable.