Why are we Lavender Free?

Why are we Lavender Free?

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When the idea to create a self-care range came to us we knew we wanted to create a range that was luxurious but affordable, gender neutral and something completely different to anything on the market. So here we have it. Our three key reasons for creating a Lavender free self-care range.

Something Magical and Different

When you look at many products in the self care and a skincare market, you will often see Lavender as a predominant ingredient. Now, we’re not saying we don’t love Lavender, we just knew that we wanted to create something that was a little different. Something that still captured the magical sense of calm, the incredible act of healing and the beautiful sense of nurturing.

We worked very closely with our very talented Formulator to create something that encapsulated all of these properties. Enter, Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy holds all of the wondrous properties we wanted in our range; calming, healing, soothing, balancing, gender neutral and it smells absolutely magical. It gave us the opportunity to bring you all an incredible range of products that are different whilst still providing the incredible feeling of calm and balance you expect from a self-care range.

Lavender is a Common Allergen

Did you know that Lavender holds three of the most common contact allergens? Lavender contains geraniol, linalool, and linalylacetate. All three are common contact allergens which means they can cause rashes that look like eczema. For many people this wont affect you more than just a little contact dermatitis, but for people who are allergic to other contact allergens, they can be at a much higher risk of developing adverse reactions to Lavender oil. When it comes to skincare, there are many people that will not have a reaction at the initial time of use, it may take a day or two to develop. But once our body recognises the compounds in Lavender oil as dangerous, it is common to experience an allergic reaction or severe irritation at the second use onwards.

The conversation around allergies has become much mere prevalent and reactions much more common. This has been shown to be an area of concern for many parents who have little ones that experience these types of allergies including Eczema, Molluscum Contagiosum and Dermatitis. This being the case, we decided to create something that people who experience these allergies could still access while still benefiting from the calming, healing and soothing benefits that traditional self-care and skincare ranges provide.

A Gender Neutral Range

Something that was extremely important to us when we begun developing our range was that it could be used by every family member. How many of us have had husbands / boyfriends/ brothers or partners get caught using our skincare only to say it smells so girly?! Or complain that our skincare and self-care products always smell so floral and feminine? For this reason we wanted to create something that was gender neutral and could be used by men, women, boys and girls, little and big. Our range of products uses Blue Tansy essential oil to create a beautiful scent that takes away front eh stereotypical feminine scented products. We know many men in the Pod family who enjoy our gender neutral range of body oils, balm and room mists. Some of which are as masculine as you can get!

So there you have it. The three key reasons behind Pod Organics creating a Lavender free range of self-care products. Give our stunning range of Blue Tansy based products a try. We guarantee they will be appreciated by all of your family members.

Written by Lauren Harrison of Pod Organics


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  • Thanks Lauren and Kerry,
    I am finding your products very gentle, moisturising, and I am very interested in the Blue Tansey essential
    oil used in your products.

    Cathy Harrison on

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